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    Apr 16, 2009

    PS: Christ wearing an argentinian jersey....hummm...is realy disturbing.
    We all know he is brazilian, right?

    2 comentários:

    1. dundo said...:

      yes, it´s brazilian,.but this series of illustrations talks about the influence from other countries,.it was made for conozca más mgz,.

      all the best.

    1. Delson Gabriel said...:

      Thanks for your comment dundo.
      I though disturbing...cause I'm brazilian...ahhahah
      and sometimes people think Buenos Aires is the capital of Brazil, and get confused saying Maradona is Brazilian, etc, etc....
      Argentina is our biggest rival...specially speaking of soccer.
      The illustrations are awesome. love it. the style, colors, etc...
      Just as brazilian though the argentinian jersey on Christ was a bit disturbing...in a good way.
      Congratulations Amazing work.
      Take care.
      PS: by the way how did you found TPC blog? Thanks.



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